Vacation Time!

I’m still in business but closing shop for the month of June 2019. Will have no phone service until June 18. After that, Please call and I will help the best I can, In the meantime, I would recommend calling Hair Maidens for any professional help you may require. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but will be back up and running come July . xo – Jennie

Mother’s Day Louse Hatching

Happy belated Mother’s Day! Here’s a picture that a proud mama louse sent me of her baby bug being born. So sweet right? Insert crying (not from joy). If you are checking your kids for lice, you want to be looking for little brown or grey eggs that are laid a little less than an inch from the scalp. Once they hatch, the egg turns white but is nothing more than an egg shell at that point. If you are still not sure, you can call me and I will come and check for you.

Bad School Policies

Come on Utah! Time to catch up and change the policy again. It’s terrible for parents to spend time and money getting rid of their child’s head lice, only to send them back to ground zero to get it again. The CDC was wrong!!!! You can and do get it at school.

This adorable little girl and her mom had been fighting lice with over the counter products for almost a year by the time they called me. The stress this causes the family is not worth it. She was so relieved when I finished with her. Huge smile, lots of hugs, and multiple “thank you’s”. This is why I love my job so much. Save time and money by calling me first.