LICE IN SCHOOLS – Most schools don’t send kids home anymore!

The AAP stated last month that lice does not spread through schools. This is absolutely not true. I’ve been to schools where I have found upwards of 50 cases. Lice do not spread disease but  as a parent who deals with it all the time, I think that it’s a common courtesy to let parents know if there is a case in the classroom. It can save you a lot of time and money if you can avoid getting it. Ways to prevent it – Keep your daughters hair up at all times, ask that coats are not hung on the same rack, do not share hats or brushes. Good luck parents!


Radio from Hell X96

Check out Gina Barberi’s blog post on the x96 Radio from Hell Show. It was so nice of her to provide me with some free advertising. (Although, I’m sure she would like to forget the entire ordeal). For me, it was a pleasure to meet her and her adorable family.