Head Lice Removal Service

I use a homeopathic, pesticide free product in combination with a highly effective procedure of combing and manual nitpicking to de-lice. It is safe, pesticide free, and ensures your child will be back in school the next day. My mobile lice service is done at home which provides the discretion and comfort that a lice salon cannot. I am experienced with children, compassionate and discreet. Depending on the amount of hair and the level of infestation I may recommend a follow-up appointment 7-10 days after treatment. I also suggest 5 – 10 minutes of combing daily for 10 days following treatment.


$125 an hour and is pro rated after the first hour. Head checks are $50 per family and will be waived if you are found to have head lice and would like me to treat you. Follow up appointments are $25 every 15 minutes and go pretty quick.


I offer a 100% guarantee. If you find live lice on the head anytime within 3 weeks of treatment, I will come back and retreat for free. Anytime after that would be considered a re infestation.

My Procedure

Before your appointment I recommend that every family member is home.  It is important to take care of anyone living in the same household at the same time.

Step 1:

Call me for availability. If possible, I will be to your house within the hour.

Step 2:

I will check every member in the house for head lice and nits.

Step 3:

Those found to have head lice and/or nits will be treated with a highly effective and safe enzyme spray. It dissolves the protein that holds the nit on the hair shaft. Then I manually comb through the hair in small sections until I have removed all lice and nits.

Step 4:

Quick manual head check with magnifying glasses and a headlamp if necessary.

Step 5:

We will discuss what does and does not need to be done around the house.

Step 6:

You will be instructed on how to continue my simple regimen in the coming days and educated on what to look for in the future.

Step 7:

For high levels of infestation, I recommend scheduling a follow-up head check within 7-10 days. This appointment is always much shorter than the first comb out appointment.