Effective Head Lice Removal in Park City, UT

100% Safe, Organic Treatment

park-city-lice-removalIf you are in search of a mobile lice treatment you can trust to eliminate those pesky critters and their nits (eggs) in Park City, look no further than The Lice Guru.  We understand parents’ hesitancy to use prescription or over-the-counter products that commonly contain potentially dangerous insecticides or chemicals.  Given the fact these products are not as effective as they once were, our one treatment lice solution is the answer for those who prefer a natural, organic approach that’s proven to work without the mess, hassle, and repeated applications.

Our in-home head lice treatment involves the use of products that are gentle to the hair and scalp, pleasantly scented, and does not involve a long, drawn-out process to ensure pests are completely eradicated.  Combined with a unique, professional comb-out process, you can rest assured your child or any member of your family is free from those irritating pests.  Today, safe head lice solutions are in demand as more and more parents prefer not to use harsh chemicals which many strains of lice have become immune to in recent years.

We’re Mobile – We Come to You!

The Lice Guru is all about results that are 100% guaranteed and achieved in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  When you want to get rid of lice without the potential risks of OTC products and get back to life as usual, you can rely on our in home head lice removal for results that are cost-effective, safe, and super effective.  Why put your hard-earned money, effort, and time into products that may or may not work when you can enjoy peace of mind with a natural, gentle approach?  We invite those in Park City and surrounding areas to contact us now to learn more or schedule an appointment at 801-558-2382.