Effective Head Lice Treatment Serving Ogden UT

We’re Mobile – We Come to You!

The Lice Guru caters to those in Ogden who prefer in home head lice removal to get rid of those pesky bugs and their nits.  Whether your child or another member of your family has contracted an infestation, we believe in an organic, natural approach to resolving the problem rather than using traditional products containing pesticides and other harsh ingredients – and many parents, pediatricians, schools, and camps agree.  Our process is completely safe, gentle to the hair, and most important of all effective!


Our mobile head lice removal service is convenient for those who prefer to be treated in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.  Why go to a clinic or use those harsh products that aren’t only potentially dangerous, but messy and in many cases ineffective?  We know how frustrating it is, and how uncomfortable it can be to have a case of those little “cooties,” not to mention you want to avoid having head lice spread throughout your entire family.  Our natural lice treatment involves the use of natural, organic ingredients combined with a professional, thorough comb-out that eradicates those pesky bugs.

Same Day Service Available

Children and teens are highly susceptible to this aggravating condition, considering they often share combs, brushes, or other hair accessories. The popular practice of taking “selfies” for posting to social media has only added to the problem, given heads often touch in these photos.  If you are in search of a one treatment lice solution and prefer to have a professional come to your home for privacy and convenience, count on the Lice Guru for guaranteed results!  We provide in home head lice treatment to those in Ogden, Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, so give us a call today at 801-558-2382 for results and peace of mind.